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Our goal at fansta is to help you
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About Us

Connecting to an audience is not always easy when you don’t know exactly what drives their interests, and it’s hard to earn the trust and connection that a brand aims for. fansta With that in mind,

was founded back in 2015, specializing in providing music lovers the best fan experiences with little to no cost. Throughout the years, we have managed to build our audience through genuine engagement on our social media platforms, connecting our followers to different events and brands in order to create unique memories.

Currently, with a multilingual team of marketing and planning experts residing in North, Central and South Americas, Asia and Europe, as well as an influencer network of over 50+ influencers with 400M+ reach through all social medias, we aim to strengthen our ties to our audience so we can better aid your business in nourishing a long-term, strong relationship between your brand and your audience as well.

Our Services

Social Media Management

Our team will help you create digital content and implement the best plans to grow your business and spread your message, be it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Naver, Kakao, etc. We offer full support and a multitude of strategies for any platform you may need..

Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social media marketing, FANSTA is equipped with the best and most unique team of 50+ influencers and 200M+ reach across a multitude of social media platforms, guaranteeing an increase in organic engagement and visibility for your brand.

Consulting & Planning

Before launching any campaign, our team will consult and carefully study your company so we can fully understand what drives and best suits you, in order to find the perfect audience to engage with your brand.

Reports & Analytics

On top of planning your campaign from beginning to end, FANSTA also offers you a full report of your campaign’s development including but not limited to: estimated reach, engagements per post, increase in followers, and more.

Music Promotion

With an audience 100% composed of music enthusiasts, FANSTA analyze industry trends and offer various music promotion strategies to increase streams, introducing your artist to several types of crowds that may become potential new listeners.

Live Events

Aside from acting upon social media, FANSTA believes in the power of face-to-face interaction between music lovers, organizing and taking part in a variety of fan live events, placing your brand directly in the hands of thousands of people.

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